Aerial Surveying and Mapping Services for Land Developers

Our Drone Surveying Services for Land Developers

Why Choose us?

We are a hole in one. Guaranteed. 

Our services allow our customers to get the full picture on land development projects. Aerial and Drone Surveying provides millions of data points for us to create your survey deliverables from. As opposed to traditional survey methods that only produce a few thousand points at most, our survey deliverables are much more accurate due to the quality and amount of data we use to create them.

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Behind the Scenes

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Aerial Drone Photography of a mining site with stock piles in Punta Gorda, Florida
As-Built Survey

3 Ways Stockpile Measurements Help Mining And Quarry Companies

Mining and quarry companies can benefit immensely by using technology, specifically drone technology, to perform …

Aerial photo of asphalt plant and stockpiles with forest in background
As-Built Survey

3 Ways Measuring Stockpiles Help Asphalt Plants

It wasn’t long ago that measuring asphalt and raw aggregate stockpiles required a small team …

Florida Aerial Survey Technologies topographic map of road showing trees and grassy areas with an S shaped curve that is being outlined in the topographic map
As-Built Survey

How Topographic Maps Are Used

Before we describe how topographic maps are used, let’s define what a topographic map is. …

topographic mapping with drones
As-Built Survey

How Can Drones Be Used for Topographic Mapping?

Topographic Mapping with Drones In the past, creating topographic maps could be a laborious task …